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Dog Toys

Play and exercise are essential for your dogs mental and physical wellbeing that’s why we stock a variety of toys to ensure you find something your furry friend will love. Browse our range of balls, chew toys, enrichment toys and kongs.

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There are a number of benefits to play including:


One of the best benefits to playing with toys is that it keeps your dog moving, this improves their cardiovascular function, helps prevent issues with their joints such as arthritis and prevents weight gain. Dogs should have the opportunity to play with their toys every day on top of their usual walks.

Brain Training

Dogs are incredibly intelligent animals and some breeds more than others, need constant mental stimulation. Enrichment or Intelligence toys are a great way to keep your dog learning whilst reducing boredom. Kongs are some of the most popular enrichment toys.

Engaging their brain is also physically exhausting just 10-20 minutes of mental stimulation is the equivalent to an hours walk.

Building trust & strengthening relationships

When dogs play with humans or other dogs, they learn to interact, play, share and communicate which strengthens their social skills. Playing with your dog also helps develop your relationship together.

Most dog toys are designed to allow your dog to exhibit natural behaviours. For example, a Beagle is a scent hound and therefore is likely to enjoy toys (and games) that allow it to use its nose. Watch for activities your dog particularly enjoys and buy toys that encourage that.

It’s also important to offer variety as your dog will likely get bored with toys that do the same or very similar things so mix it up every once in a while.

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