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Intelligence & Interactive Dog Toys

Interactive and enrichment toys are important for your dogs physical and mental wellbeing and help prevent boredom and separation anxiety. Browse our wide range of products and find something your dog will love.

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Your questions answered (FAQs)

The main benefit of enrichment is mental stimulation. Whilst some breeds may need much more mental stimulation, all dogs require it to some level. Getting their brain thinking, and flexing their problem solving muscles allows them to maximise their brain capacity. This in turn, uses energy which tires your dog out.
In recent years there have been studies that state that 25 minutes of mental stimulation hosts the same benefits as an hour walk.
Most enrichment activities use food, and the most common types include hiding or making the food less easily accessible which in turn, causes your dog to problem solve how they’re going to reach the food.
For dogs that aren’t food oriented you could play with a flirt pole or get them a dig pit.
As a rule of thumb, most dogs require a minimum of 20 minutes of enrichment every day as well as 1-2 walks. Higher energy breeds will require much more enrichment, but this should be determined on an individual basis.
If your dog still has energy after your walks, they could potentially use more environmental time.
All dogs need variety in order to keep their engagement and prevent them getting bored. We stock a wide range of dog toys such as durable toys, balls, rope toys, chew toys and KONG toys.
Some of our most popular dog toys include:

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