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Durable Dog Toys

Although we don’t guarantee these dog toys are unbreakable they are made our of materials that will last longer than ordinary dog toys. Browse our range and find a durable dog toy your dog will love.

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Your questions answered (FAQs)

Being the owner of a dog that loves to chew means constantly buying new dog toys and forever picking the remains of old ones off the floor. Finding a dog toy that lasts can feel like an impossible task. Whilst no toy will ever be fully indestructible there are toys out there that will last much longer.
Toys made of durable rubber come out on top, this is because it’s a thick but flexible material meaning it won’t snap when your dog chews it.
If your dog is a chewer, there is a high likelihood that it will always have this drive. Instead of surprising their instincts, it’s recommended you teach them what toys they can chew, and what toys (or household items) are a hard no.
If your dog starts chewing something it’s not supposed to, it’s recommended you redirect them to their chew toy and once they start using that, reward them with a dog treat or praise. This will help them associate that toy with chewing.
You can also teach your dog to play appropriately with toys by supervising them, intervening when your dog starts to become too carried away, and praising your dog when they resume playing with the toy sensibly.
All dogs need variety in order to keep their engagement and prevent them getting bored. We stock a wide range of dog toys such as enrichment toys, balls, rope toys, chew toys and KONG toys.
Some of our most popular dog toys include:

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