In the blog we are going to explore just how Cat friendly Ireland really is. For many years Ireland has been associated with dog ownership and it is evident to see that Ireland is slowly but surely becoming more and more dog friendly with increasing amounts of Dog friendly park, cafes, pubs and accommodations. But where are Cats in all of this? Are they better Pets? What does Dog versus Cat ownership look like now? And are Cats allowed into venues across the nation? We are going to explore this topic further whilst also mentioning Cat loving places and people who are at the forefront of Cat friendliness. 

Dog Vs Cat ownership in 2023

We’re sure that this is very much common knowledge but Dogs have always been more traditionally popular on these shores with a higher percentage of households owning dogs. But in recent years cat ownership has been gaining some momentum and steadily increasing. A huge part of this is down to societal trends and lifestyles.


These numbers suggest that while dogs still hold a slight majority, the gap between dog and cat ownership has been narrowing. The reasons for this shift can be attributed to various factors, including the rise of apartment living and urbanisation, where cats are often considered more suitable due to their smaller size and independent nature. Additionally, the busy modern lifestyle has led to an appreciation for cats’ lower maintenance requirements. This evolving trend indicates that Ireland is becoming increasingly cat-friendly, with more households opening their doors to feline companions.


While Ireland is undoubtedly progressing as a cat-friendly destination, this sentiment doesn’t seem to have permeated every nook and cranny of the nation. Although 2018 marked the pivotal moment when pets were granted access to various venues, it’s clear that dog-friendliness has taken the lead, establishing its presence across the country’s landscape. Pubs, restaurants, and accommodations have opened their doors to canine companions, fostering a warm and inclusive environment. Of course, we recognise the intrinsic differences between cats and dogs – the prospect of strolling into a pub with a cat by your side might raise more than a few eyebrows. Cats, being the epitome of self-sufficiency, have a distinct demeanor that sets them apart. My own rescued feline, for instance, would undoubtedly prefer a tranquil corner to a bustling pub scene. Yet, this divergence doesn’t warrant their exclusion or lack of consideration in the ongoing conversation about pet inclusivity. After all, their unassuming nature and charm add a unique dimension to the tapestry of pet companionship.


Who is flying the flag for Cat Friendliness in Ireland?

Within the realm of cat-friendliness in Ireland, a multitude of remarkable enterprises stand ready to assist you in your quest for pet-welcoming locales. Our personal favourite, undoubtedly, is Paws Friendly—a beacon of guidance in this venture.

However, it’s evident that the current landscape still heavily tilts in favour of our canine companions. Scarcely do venues go out of their way to proclaim their open arms to both dogs and cats, or to pets in general. A cursory Google search on “cat-friendly pubs” promptly underscores this reality. This discrepancy becomes even more apparent when juxtaposed with our neighbours across the Irish Sea. London, for instance, boasts a diverse tapestry of venues embracing feline patrons with open hearts.

Yet, when we shift our gaze to Dublin, the panorama shifts dramatically. Merely a handful of establishments proudly hoist the flag for our feline friends, underscoring a prevailing scarcity in comparison. It is, indeed, a realm where our purring companions are taking smaller steps towards the recognition they deserve.

While this may be the case there are some amazing venues in Dublin and across Ireland that are flying the flag for Cats:




Now nowhere states that they are ‘Cat’ Specific friendly but a lot of hotels now across Ireland market themselves as ‘Pet Friendly’. You can now find plenty of pet friendly hotels across the country. Here are the best articles and websites on pet friendly Hotels and Accommodations:

Conducting thorough research is key, so be sure to delve into the details and take an extra step by reaching out directly to these venues. A quick call can provide you with the peace of mind that you’re seeking – confirming whether our feline friends are genuinely welcome in these spaces.



It’s evident that Ireland is unfurling its arms to embrace our feline companions. The shifting tides of pet ownership and evolving lifestyles have ushered in a newfound appreciation for the unique charms of cats. While dogs have long been the favoured furry companions, the tide is turning, with more and more households welcoming the grace and independence that cats bring.

Yet, amid this progress, the divergence between dog and cat friendliness remains tangible. Pubs, restaurants, and accommodations extend their hospitality to dogs, but the welcome mat for cats is often sparsely rolled out.

Dublin, while taking strides, reveals a modest handful of flag bearers for feline inclusivity. It’s an intricate web of progress and possibility, where each paw print counts. So, as you traverse the emerald expanses of Ireland, remember to unearth those hidden gems and make a friendly call to ensure our whiskered companions are welcome.

In this journey, let’s foster an atmosphere where the rumble of purring is as melodious as the bark of joy. Let’s celebrate not just the dog-friendly avenues, but also the quaint corners and cozy alcoves where cats can bask in the warmth of acceptance. As Ireland’s pet-friendly narrative continues to evolve, let us all be advocates for a truly inclusive embrace, where cats, with their enigmatic grace, find their rightful place amidst the realm of friendliness and camaraderie.