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Cat Toys

At Dec’s Pets we stock a variety of toys including kongs, sniff mats and rocking stations.

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Your questions answered (FAQs)

Toys play an important role in stimulating your cat, helping to maintain their behaviour & well-being, as well as keeping them fit. Toys allow cats to have the hunting experience and exhibit their natural behaviours in a safe and convenient way. 

Playing with toys also has a number of health benefits such as:

  • building of muscle
  • improves circulation
  • develops confidence
  • relives stress and boredom
  • mental stimulation and development

We break down cat toys into three categories:

Active Toys

These are toys that get your cat moving such as laser pointers or a rocking station. They’re great for cats that have a lot of energy, particularly indoor cats that don’t get to explore outside.

Comfort Toys

Although some cats will try and hunt and play with soft stuffed animals, others find comfort in them. We’d recommend ensuring any comfort toys are smaller and easy to carry around. Cats are more likely to want to “prey” on the toy if it’s a similar size and has a tail.

Catnip Toys

When ingested catnip can act as a sedative and mellow your cat out reducing anxiety and stress. However, it’s important not to over-use catnip instead only use it as a treat or for positive reinforcement.

Toys made of durable material without any small or loose pieces that could be ingested. Some of the best toys are interactive or mimic a cats natural prey. Puzzle toys such as sniffer mats are also a great alternative for when you’re not around to play.

Cats and kittens need enrichment as part of a happy and healthy life. There are three main types of enrichment; environment, social and cognitive. Using new and different toys, games and treats is a great way to stimulate your cat’s mind.