Dog Grooming
Summer is just around the corner! So what better way to celebrate than heading to the hair salon for a fresh new hairdo. The same applies to your beloved pooch! That’s right; we’re here to discuss your dog’s next groom and what you need to think about during the warmer months.  I managed to pin down Aoife the Head Groomer at Dec’s Pets to help answer some questions and give us the low down on all things grooming.

Let’s Talk Allergies

There are various factors which can cause allergies in pets. Primarily these are their diet or environmental concerns. With the increased time your pet will spend outdoors during the summer months, it is possible skin irritation can occur. Whether its pollen, insect bites or a reaction to certain plants any allergy is uncomfortable. At the Dec’s Pets Grooming Salon, Aoife regularly performs specialised treatments to soothe your dog and make them feel more like themselves.  So what do these entail:

“One of my favourite treatments to use in the salon is the Coconut Mud Bath Treatment. The process includes soaking the dog in water, then massaging the mud bath into the skin for 10 minutes. Not only is this a relaxing treatment, which is perfect for nervous dogs, it replenishes the skin with moisture. Often we find the skin can be dehydrated during the summer months, so it’s vital to your pets’ wellbeing to ensure they always have access to plenty of fresh water.”

In addition to the above, the Coconut Mud Bath Treatment includes Omega Oils, which help improve and maintain your pets’ skin and coat. Alike ourselves, healthy hair always starts with the skin.

What Else?

“At Dec’s Pets, we always perform a consultation at the beginning of every grooming appointment. We discuss with the owner any requests or concerns they may have. Next we assess your pet. At this stage we decide the best cleansing shampoo for your dogs needs. Where required we have a medicated shampoo which we use on irritated skin.”

Other Treatments

“Paw treatments are extremely popular during the warmer months. Their main purpose is to provide a deep cleanse of the paw area, which is extremely important as dogs can often have a lot of dirt build up in this area.” Paw Treatments (or Pooch Pedicures) are also a great way to moisturise the paw area, which keeps the skin supple. Cracked paws are extremely dangerous, not only are they uncomfortable, it can lead to unwanted infections.

How Frequently Should You Groom Your Dog?

“This really depends on the breed; however we do recommend you have your dog groomed more frequently during the warmer months. In particular, breeds that tend to shed…it is important to keep on top of their grooming regime.”

What To Do In Between Grooms

We can’t stress enough the need for brushing your dog regularly. This applies all year round, not just in the summer. Brushing helps remove dead hair and skin, whilst stimulating new hair growth. It is imperative that you select the correct grooming brush for your dogs breed. See below our brush range.

Finally we asked Aoife for some Top Tips:

“It is inevitable that your dog will spend more time outdoors during the drier months. To keep their coat looking and feeling the best it can in between appointments, we recommend a take home shampoo treatment for all clients. When bathing your dog at home make sure to remember to always:

  • Rinse the shampoo thoroughly from your dog. Excess product residue can cause skin irritations in some pets.
  • Pat dry- where possible, avoid rubbing your dog with a towel. This can cause the fur to become matted which is extremely uncomfortable.
  • Brush with a recommended brush

Recommended Brushes