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Your questions answered (FAQs)

In order to ensure your find in the right size cat bed measure your cat from the tip of it’s tail to it’s head, then add at least 15cm to ensure there is enough space for your cat to lounge around comfortably. Depending on your cat’s habits it may like a cave style bed or something soft that it can curl up in. Getting a bed that is washable is definitely recommended as cat beds can get covered in fur, bacteria and even fleas.

Cats are independent animals that spend up to 15 hours sleeping so it comes as no surprise that they like to rest and explore new spaces as they sleep comfortably. However, to prevent them from sleeping whether they like (kitchen counters, tables and beds) most owners prefer if they stick to their bed. We recommend leaving an item that smells like you in the bed alongside a few treats for positive reinforcement although be mindful not to over-feed them as it may make them hyperactive.

As well as a cat bed, you may want to leave some blankets or cushions in some other of your cat’s favourite places. A cat scratcher or tree doubles up as a great toy and place to sleep.