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Dog Clothing & Accessories

Browse our wide range of stylish and practical selection of dog clothes for your furry fashionista!

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Your questions answered (FAQs)

Dog coats – A well fitting coat can help keep your dog dry and warm on particularly wet or cold days. Typically, dogs with a thinner or missing fur will benefit the most from wearing a dog coat.
Dog boots – Some dogs may benefit from wearing dog boots, particularly if they regularly suffer from scratches and injuries to their paw pads.
High Vis – Making your dog wear a high vis jacket when walking or working late will keep them safe and seen around busy areas.
To find your dog’s clothing size, you’ll need to measure their body using a tape measure. Measure the circumference of their neck, chest, and waist, and then compare the measurements to the size chart provided by the clothing manufacturer. It’s important to choose a size that fits your dog snugly but isn’t too tight or restrictive. If your dog is between sizes, it’s generally recommended to choose the larger size for comfort.

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