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Fish Tanks, Cleaning Products and Accessories

Creating the perfect home for your fish isn’t just about finding the right tank – it’s also about maintaining a clean and healthy environment for your aquatic pets. That’s why we stock a wide range of tanks, cleaning products and accessories to ensure your fish have the best possible living environment.

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Your questions answered (FAQs)

The size of your tank will vary depending on the size and amount of fish you’d like to keep. Professionals recommend a minimum tank size of 5 gallons as anything smaller are more susceptible to large fluctuations in PH levels and build up of chemicals or waste.
As a general rule of thumb you should have one gallon of water for every inch of fish.
How frequently you need to clean your fish tank will vary depending on the size of your tank and the amount of fish you have. Typically you should aim to do a part change every few weeks, and should only do a full change if necessary as it can mess with the PH of your tank.
Other essentials for your fish water tank include: