After what feels like months (or maybe years of planning) it is finally time to pick up your newest and cutest, member of the family. But, what do you actually need for their arrival? You go onto the internet & are immediately bombarded with an overwhelming amount of products and content regarding what food to buy, what toys they need, which is the comfiest bed, how will I train them, where will they sleep. So, what is a puppy starter kit and are really all they’re cracked up to be?

The answer is simply, YES! (& let us tell you more)

Our job is to make your lives that little bit easier, so we have done the leg work for you. We have put together a curated selection of our favourite puppy products, to ensue you are feeling confident (and stress free) when you bring your gorgeous little friend home.

Why dog grooming essentials?

Getting your puppy used to being brushed from a young age will help them feel more comfortable & confident when visiting the grooming salon for the first time. Start by touching the coat all over, we recommend doing this outside of playtime so that they start to recognize the difference.

We’ve also included our BEST SELLER Nodens Baby Powder Cologne, which will keep your puppy, smelling like a puppy for longer.

Be prepared for some (or lots) of accidents before your puppy is toilet trained. For  tips on where to put your puppies new ‘temporary’ bathroom, check out our blog HERE!

If you’ve been following our journey here at Dec’s Pets, you’ll know that we are an advocate of being environmentally conscious wherever possible. So we love these compostable poo bags!

Playtime & food

Toys & plenty of playtime are a great way to let your puppy use up all of their energy. Its also a great way to create a strong bond & build trust between you both. High value treats are also the perfect way to reward good behaviour.

There are countless benefits to feeding your puppy Premium Puppy Food. Infancy is the time where your puppy is learning & developing rapidly. A healthy and well balanced diet will mean they have the best possible start, and grow into happy, healthy dogs.