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Domesticated & Wild Bird Products

Dec’s Pets offers a great selection of domestic, poultry and wild bird products that include foods, feeders, drinkers, treats and other various accessories.

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Your questions answered (FAQs)

Keep your pet bird happy wherever they live by getting them everything they need to keep their song strong and healthy.

Needs and preferences vary by species, size and age – food and toys designed for small birds like finches will not satisfy larger pet birds like parrots. We offer a wide variety of food to suit the nutritional needs of any pet bird you can imagine. Tasty treats also offer a fun way to reward and train your pet bird – use them to punctuate a balanced diet.

If you’re looking for a home for your domestic pet bird, cages also come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Remember to choose your bird’s habitat based on the needs of their species. Then customize them with supplies such as feeders, toys, cages, cage liners, perches and other available accessories.

Set up some bird feeders to encourage birds into your garden. Provide fresh water. You can use ground feeding trays for the ground feeding birds i.e. Robins, Goldfinches and Wrens.

Plant some bird-friendly plants and provide open-fronted nest boxes for birds to nest safely. Leave out some food for the wild birds they particularly love to eat Suet Balls, Sunflower Hearts, Niger Seeds, Mealworms and Peanuts.