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Dog Bandanas for All Sizes

We offer a stylish and practical range of dog bandanas that are perfect for every occasion. Our collection includes a variety of designs that are functional and comfortable for your pup to wear.

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Your questions answered (FAQs)

The original purpose of dog bandanas was for owners to communicate how other people could interact with their dog. For example, a bandana that says ‘I’m Anxious’ helps to communicate that the dog may need extra space around other people and/or dogs.
In warmer climates cooling bandanas are a great way to deflect heat and soak up water helping to prevent your dog from getting too hot.
Since the adoption of dog bananas, they are also regularly used as a style choice. Whether it’s a personalised bananas with your dogs name, or a bandana to celebrate a specific occasion, they ensure your furry friend always looks their best,
How do you tie a dog bandana so it stays on?
Fold the bandana in half diagonally to make a triangle shape, then wrap the bandana around your dogs next and tie it in a square knot. Pull the ends to tighten the knot so that the ends don’t move any further. This will keep the bandana in place and prevent it falling off.
To choose the right size bandana for your dog, you’ll need to measure their neck and then compare the measurement to the size chart provided by the bandana manufacturer. It’s important to choose a size that fits your dog snugly but isn’t too tight or restrictive. You should be able to fit two fingers under the bandana once it’s on.

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