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Dog Combs & Grooming Products

We understand that every dog’s coat is unique and requires different types of care. That’s why we’ve carefully curated a selection of combs that cater to different coat types and grooming needs. Browse our shop today.

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Your questions answered (FAQs)

If your dog has short hair, you may only need a grooming brush. However, if your dog does not moult or has long, thick fur it’s highly likely you will need to brush and comb it. A brush allows you to detangle and clean the top layer of your dog’s coat, whereas a comb allows you to get to the roots of your dog’s fur and detangle the fur properly.
In addition to regular combing there are several other ways to look after your dog’s coat.
Regular bathing – Washing your dog with a high quality dog shampoo and conditioner will help keep your dog’s coat clean and well maintained.
Trimming – If your dog has long hair, regular trimming can help prevent matting and tangling. This is particularly important across dog breeds with hair that grows continuously such as poodles.
Nutrition – feeding your dog good quality dog food that includes essentially fatty acids will help promote healthy skin and coat.
Supplements – if you can’t give your dog all their nutrients from their food, supplementing essentially fatty acids is recommended.
Regular dog grooming – having checkups and regular grooming will help maintain its coat and detect any potential skin conditions before they become serious.
Wearing a dog coat can help prevent a build up of dirt on your dog’s fur.

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