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Dog Grooming & Care Products

Dec’s Pets stock all your dog grooming essentials including brushes, combs, clippers, and shampoo.

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Your questions answered (FAQs)

Dogs with long or curly fur are likely to need daily brushing in order to prevent knotting and matting. We’d recommend making sure you detangle the armpit, ear and back of legs as these tend to be missed and can build up over time. Short-haired dogs are likely to need grooming at least once or twice a week. We’d also recommend introducing some skin and coat supplements into your dog’s diets to keep their coat shiny. Our favourites are salmon or cod liver oil.
After particularly muddy walks, rolling in fox poo or a couple of months we’d recommend using a good dog shampoo to get rid of all the build-up of dirt and bacteria in your dogs coat.

In order to clean your dog’s ears, we’d recommend an ear cleaner, you just drop the solution into the ear canal and massage the base of the ear for 30 seconds. We’d recommend cleaning your dog’s ears at least once a month. Making sure that the hair around your dog’s ear is trimmed will help make cleaning easier.

If you’re looking for products make sure to browse our ear care range.

Brushing your dog’s teeth daily is the best way to maintain good dental hygiene. Dental chews or treats will also help minimise plaque build-up. It can be particularly confusing or stressful to have someone clear their teeth, so we’d recommend training your dog from a puppy & using treats and cuddles as positive reinforcement.

If you’re looking for products check out our range of dental care products.

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