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Training / Long Leads

We know recall can be a difficult thing to master and long leads are a great way to give your dog more freedom and space whilst still having control and keeping them safe.

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A long lead is a long rope with a clip on one side that can connect to your dog’s collar or harness. They usually come in sizes from 5m up to 30m.

A recall is one of the most critical skills for your dog to master, and it can also be one of the most difficult. Long leads allow you to practice recall with more distance between you and your dog, meaning your dog will be a master of recall when you allow them to walk off-leash.

When using a long line for the first time, we recommend following these steps:

  • Unravel the training lead to ensure there are no knots
  • Wrap the line up in your hand loosely, so it’s not dragging on the ground
  • Always attach the long line to the back loop on your dog’s harness to help prevent your dog from tripping up
  • If you need your dog to stop, grip and release the lead within your hand to bring your dog to a halt slowly.
  • As you build up your dog’s responsiveness, you can start to allow more slack in the lead and eventually drop the lead on the floor.

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