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Dog Toothpaste & Dental Care

Dog’s need their teeth checked over and cared for regularly. Browse our range of toothbrushes, dental chews and dental gel.

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How do I clean my dog’s teeth?

There are three ways to clean your furry friends teeth, these include:

Brush your dog’s teeth with dog toothpaste

Teeth brushing is the foundation of good dental hygiene, it allows you to get into all the crevices of your dog’s mouth to prevent plaque build up. Try different variations of toothbrush and toothpastes to find what works best for your pup.

Use dental chews

If your dog’s dislike having their teeth brushed, you can use dental chews to help improve dental hygiene in between brushing days. These chews come in different sizes, with different sized ridges and nubs that dig into crevices to prevent plaque build up.

Use dental mouth spray

If your dog’s unfortunate enough to suffer from smelly breath a mouth spray could be a good short term solution. Dog dental spray works best when dog’s don’t eat anything for half an hour before or after spraying.
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Your questions answered (FAQs)

Just like humans, the ideal situation is to brush your dog’s teeth twice a day. If you get them accustomed to the feeling whilst they’re young, it will just become part of their daytime routine. However, at a minimum it’s recommend you brush them at least three times a week to keep plaque and tooth decay at bay.

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