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Kitten Food & Supplies

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Your questions answered (FAQs)

Kitten Food

Whilst your kitten grows, it needs nutritional food that provides it with all the vitamins and minerals required for it to grow. You can either use wet. dry or a mix of both kitten foods.

Kitten Milk

For their first few weeks Kittens drink their mothers milk, once they separate from their mother giving them a milk alternative can be a comforting treat.


You may also want to give your Kitten additional supplements to support their health & wellbeing such as cod liver oil.

It depends on the breed. If you have a smaller cat breed then it’s time to switch them to adult cat food around their first birthday. If you have a larger cat breed, it’ll be around 18 months to two years before you need to switch them.

Transitioning your cat to different food can cause digestion issues so it’s recommended to gradually swap around the foods over a 7-10 day period.