Dog Biscuits
Yes! You heard us correctly; ‘Barkuterie’ boards are the latest craze in indulgent dog treats! Most you will have heard (and drooled) over the much loved Charcuterie boards, which are on the menu at almost all trendy restaurants (pre COVID-19) But the question I pose is, what is a Barkuterie board? Well, the clue is in the name; a Charcuterie board for your beloved 4 legged friend. Because, why should they miss out on all of the fun?

Charcuterie Board vs Barkuterie Board

A DIY Charcuterie board is a frequent dinner time indulgence in my household; just add a few grapes, tomatoes and olives, and you essentially have yourself a salad, right? For those of you who aren’t so familiar with the concept, I will let the below picture do the talking for me…

Dog with Treat

Step by Step Guide

So, how do you turn the delicious charcuterie board, into a feast fit for your dog?

  1. Find a suitable board (because presentation is everything)
  2. Chop up your dogs favourite fruits (we recommend blueberries, bananas & apples)
  3. Next add some vegetables (carrots & peas.. or anything your pet likes)
  4. Dollop of peanut butter
  5. Finally add in some of your pets favourite doggy treats
  6. Arrange nicely on the board (let’s face it, you will want photo evidence of this)
  7. Voila! Barkuterie complete! Now, simply let your dog enjoy

Now that you know how it’s done, why don’t you have a go at creating your very own. See below for our Barkuterie board top picks!

Board Top Picks

Some of Our Faves