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Finland-Grown Birch Tree Chaga Mushroom Extract for Dogs – Ultrasound Assisted for Enhanced Potency

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Borvo’s range of medicinal mushroom supplements for dogs are cultivated using organic means in the pristine forests of northern Finland. To avoid harming natural sources of wild mushrooms, the chaga mushroom we use is inoculated into birch trees.

Our pure Chaga mushroom extract powder contains the medicinal properties found in the Chaga conk. It is organically grown and sustainably harvested. The way the powder is processed is called Ultrasonic Assisted Extraction. This has two effects. One is that the structure of the mushrooms is altered so that the plant compounds become more available for dogs to use; the second effect is that the cells break down into smaller fragments which increases bio-availability.

By using full-spectrum mushrooms, we guarantee that our products contain a full range of bio-active compounds, including essential nutrients.

The benefits of Chaga mushroom supplements for dogs include:

  • Protect and support DNA
  • Preventing chronic inflammation
  • Free radical scavengers help protect healthy cells from damage caused by free radical molecules
  • Reduce growth of certain cancers
  • Suppress tumor growth
  • Support immune system
  • Regulate blood sugar levels in dogs with diabetes
  • Recommended daily dosage

    Small dogs < 10kg: 0.25g = tip of a tsp / one pinch
    Medium dogs 10kg to 20kg: 0.5g = ¼ tsp.
    Large dogs > 20kg: 1g = ½ tsp.

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Chaga Mushroom Extract For Dogs

Chaga for dogs has a huge number of potential benefits. These include protection against cancer, prevention of inflammation, support for cell development, and help with the immune system.

Studies have shown that Chaga mushroom for dogs may help prevent and slow down the spread of some forms of cancers. The cancer-fighting properties stem from the high concentration of beta glucans, which stimulate immune cells that initiate an inflammatory response. Chaga is rich in antioxidants called triterpenes, which have been shown to slow tumour cells' growth in laboratory tests. SO for overall health and well-being for your dog choose Chaga.

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