From Afghanistan to Wexford: A Retired Army Dogs’ New Life

Afghanistan landscape

At Dec’s Pets we are fortunate to be surrounded by an incredible team, who in turn own some incredible pets. When Chloe, one of Dec’s Pets groomers, first introduced us to Archie, we had no idea how remarkable he really is. To us, he was a happy, content & playful Cocker Spaniel, just like any other pet. However, after speaking with Chloe, we learnt there was so much more to him.

Introducing Archie the Army Dog


image of archie & facts about who he is


His Story

Archie was born into the British Army (army dog), through the puppy project. The rest of his siblings were deployed into the British Army or the RAF where they had equally impressive careers. Moreover his parents were also members of the army.

Archie spent the majority of his working life living in Germany. After that, he later moved to England once the Germany base shut down. Throughout his career he spent time touring Cyprus & Afghanistan (which he toured a total of 5 times)

During his tours, Archie worked as a VS (Vehicle Search Dog). Above all, his main aim was to uncover weapons, explosives or their parts. Moreover, check out this video for more info on what being a VS entails.

Whilst Archie was home from tour, he would perform daily Continuation Training to ensure his skills were maintained throughout his service.


How An Army Dog Ended Up In Wexford

Firstly, Chloe’s (Dec’s Pets groomer) sister Sian works in the British Army, she first met Archie when she became his handler. They did many tours together, where they formed a very special bond.

Furthermore, as Archie began to get older, Sian felt that the heat in Afghanistan was too harsh. Consequently, she believed that retiring would be the safest option for him.

Ultimately, Sian & Archie left the British Army and entered the police force. As a result, her shift pattern changed, and she found that she would have to work nights.

Understandably Sian & the rest of Chloe’s family agreed that the best thing for Archie would be stability. Which is why he then made his final tour over to sunny Wexford.


Welcome To Wexford

In conclusion, now Archie is in retirement, he is able to live a relaxed dogs life. So, he loves to explore, swim in the ocean and play with balls. Despite him living an extremely full and interesting life, he has surprisingly settled into a new pace of life without hesitation.

Most importantly, CHECK OUT the images below to get a glimpse into Archie’s past & present!