Dec’s Pets Walkers

Dec’s Pets Walkers is a group of like-minded people who wish to meet up once or twice weekly to socialise their dogs.

We have a WhatsApp Group which you can join to organise a meeting up on Wexford Town Quay and Min Ryan Park.

At Dec’s Pets we encourage people to learn to socialise their dogs from a young age. Socialising teaches your dog how to react to the world around it in a healthy way, without unnecessary fear or aggression.

Socialising your dog will prepare him/her for a broad range of situations at the Vets and beyond. By teaching your dog to interact with various objects, animals, people and situations that he/she may encounter, will benefit your dog and you!

So if you want to be part of our friendly, sociable and free of charge group simply call us on 053 91 22600.